The Best Ways To Utilize Your Tiny Home

Published on 08/13/2019

Do you feel like you are ready to own a home but haven’t quite gotten that travel bug out of your system yet? Maybe you’re looking for an eco-friendly, affordable home that you can also transport with you wherever you go? Look no further than the latest trend: the tiny home. Tiny homes are portable, environmentally-conscious houses that won’t break the bank, while still giving you a cozy, homey feeling. While they appear quite small on the outside, they exceed expectations with their interior design and storage capabilities. Let’s see some of the best techniques for utilizing tight spaces in these “tiny homes”.

Staircase Storage

Storage space can be found in unique places, one of which is under a staircase! Store clothing, shoes, food, or anything else imaginable here. The best part about this storage space is that it is using space that usually would be an unused area. With some craftsmanship and a little creativity, an empty space like under a staircase can quickly and easily be transformed into a remarkably versatile storage unit. Different sizes of cubes can make for even more usage options; add a hanger rod to one of the longer cubes and hang jackets with ease. Put dividers into the smaller cubes and stack up your shoes into individual boxes to keep them clean and organized. The possibilities are endless for what you can use these under-stair storage cubes for.

Shutterstock 1328958152

Storage Under The Staircase

Sleep Where You Eat

What better way is there to maximize space than to raise your furniture? Lofting a bed isn’t just for a dorm room; in tiny homes it is quite common to have a lofted bed above the other furniture, such as a couch or desk. Since in a tiny home there is limited space to put furniture, lofting a bed can save a tremendous amount of room. In the photo featured below, you can see that the bed has been lofted above the living room couch next to the kitchen. Lifting up a bed not only maximizes space in your home, but also adds a modern flare to the design!

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Bed Lofted Above Living Room

Layered Storage

Everyone dreams of extra kitchen storage, and in a tiny home “extra” storage is no small feat. In this particular home, the owner thought outside the box when thinking of storage options; see the opening below the refrigerator? That is a storage cabinet! Keep pots and pans, extra dishware, or maybe even your cleaning supplies in there for some added aid in organization. You would likely never think to raise a fridge for the creation of extra usable space, but in a tiny home every little drop of creativity goes a long way.

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Cabinet Beneath Refrigerator