The Best “Space-Saving” Tips For Small Rooms

Published on 01/10/2022

Living in an apartment or studio sometimes forces us to be resourceful with space-saving techniques. We’ve compiled a list of small room ideas to get you inspired, because living in a small area doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite items or live without the necessities. Small areas, such as apartments, condos, and dorm rooms, simply require you to think beyond the box! If you live in a major city like New York City, this article will be extremely useful to you. In these areas you will find tiny apartments for excessive fees, so it really is important to make use of every square inch of your apartment. Check it out.

How To Redecorate Your Home On A Budget

The Best “Space-Saving” Tips For Small Rooms


Build Baseboard Drawers In Your Kitchen

Don’t waste those few inches of space. Construct and install toe kick drawers to store flat objects like cookie sheets and cutting boards. This is a common tactic used in RV storage facilities. When I first saw it, I couldn’t understand why it isn’t done everywhere…even in larger homes. It is literally innovative living and makes the place look so much less cluttered.

Convert The Area Under Your Stairs For Extra Space

If you have a staircase, the space beneath it is probably either covered or unoccupied. You can usually turn the space into a reading nook, a desk, or a play area. For many years, our under-stairs area served as the kids’ office because it was centrally located and the kids were short enough that height was not an issue.

Install An Extra Shower Curtain Rod In Your Shower

Installing an additional pole in the BACK of your shower provides the ideal location for hanging waterproof baskets. Finally, a place to keep soap, shampoo, and children’s toys. This is brilliant, and I can’t believe it isn’t done more often! What a simple method to add a lot of storage to the shower and tub. If you required more bath storage, you could do multiple rods.

Get Creative with Available Space for Small Room Ideas

Between the studs in your walls, build a cabinet. Although the space between each of your studs may be limited, it’s the ideal location for a recessed cabinet. You’ll have more space to store cleaning products or a coat closet now.

Maximize Your Space in Small Rooms

Add a shelf above your door to make the most of the area. Shelves are a terrific way to make the most of the space. Even though this design focuses on a bathroom, you may utilize it in your bedroom as well. You can create a bespoke built-in look by putting a shelf above the door to house a variety of objects.

Small Room Ideas That Will Surprise You

Toothbrushes should be kept in the bathroom cabinet door. With this hack, you can make your area more functional. You may make use of the vacant space on cabinet doors with just a few supplies and very little work. There will be no more crowded counters!

Lazy Susan Uses for Small Room Ideas

Implementing a ‘Lazy Susan’ is exactly what you need to utilize the space you already have. All you need for this is a pair of cake pans and some marbles! Yep, you can even make it for yourself! They are great for storing spices in cupboards, art pens, pencils, markers, paintbrushes, straws, silverware and more!

Towel Bars Keep Towels Off The Floor and Small Rooms Tidy

On the back of the bathroom door, hang a towel bar. Don’t overlook the area behind the door! The door handle generates a 6 inch gap between the door and the wall automatically. This provides the ideal location for one or two towel bars. Towel bars keep your space neat by preventing wet towels from spilling on the floor. Ideal for managing your small bathroom in your cramped quarters.

Fake Drawer Ideas For Extra Tidy Fun in Small Rooms

Make a real drawer out of the phony one beneath your sink. Whoever came up with this concept was a genius! Remove the glued-on drawer and replace it with a storage basket. It provides the ideal location for sponges! You may need to purchase hinges, which may be obtained at any hardware store. On one side, keep extra sponges and cleaning brushes, and on the other, keep a pair of gloves. Then you’ll always have all you require, plus some!