Why Is Pink & Blue Such A Popular Color Combo?

Published on 07/17/2019

Why does everyone love the pink and blue color combo so much? Find out why here!

Why Is Pink Blue Such A Popular Color Combo@

Why Is Pink Blue Such A Popular Color Combo?

Although blue and pink are often associated with a baby boy and baby girl, we’re going to push the limit here. Instead of separating the two as we so often do, let’s do something crazy and pair them together. This color combo is often underrated, but in fact it’s sleek, elegant and super fresh! Although your friends may think you’re a bit crazy, trust us, they’ll wish they had as much confidence as you when they see the finished product! Neighbors, family and even your children’s friends will be complimenting your color choice.

The easiest way to tread lightly is choosing a pastel or light shade of blue and pink. The photo above is what we’re talking about! For those who want a bolder look, we recommend a bold pink and blue, or a deep navy and pale pink. These color combos will surely steal the show. We also adore light pink and turquoise side by side…it evokes such a tropical vibe! With limitless shades of both blues and pinks, you really have the options of a lifetime. Just a hint: let your mind run free!

Whether you’re redecorating the entry, a living room, or master bedroom, pink and blue will always pair wonderfully. They are such a versatile combo, there really are no off-limits spaces. A deep navy dresser and pale pink lamp will instantly turn your entry into a showstopper. So will a hot pink duvet and turquoise pillows in the master bedroom! Want to freshen things up in the kitchen? Try a pale pink toaster and a royal blue utensil holder…you will not be disappointed!

We hope this article gives you the confidence to experiment with new color combos you hadn’t ever imagined before! Creativity is key…so get decorating and enjoy!