Follow These Genius Tips To Make Moving Day So Much Easier

Published on 06/09/2020

Everyone knows how stressful moving houses can be but also at the same time it can be quite exciting. Sometimes an easy, worry-free move with endless tasks seems so unachievable. If you’re unsure about how to get ready and organized for the big day, the good news is that there are many hacks to help you out So we’ve made a list of the best genius tips that will make moving houses so much easier.

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Follow These Genius Tips To Make Moving Day So Much Easier

Make A Checklist

Before you begin to do anything, create a well-organized checklist of everything you need to do! When it comes to moving you’ll have so many tasks and little odds ad ends to get done. Whether it’s changing your address, confirming the moving company or defrosting your fridge- trust us you’ll feel so much better. To feel even more accomplished check off things on your list as soon as you’ve completed them.


First things first -Do not be a hoarder! What better time to clear out and declutter than just before you move. Be harsh with yourself and anyone else in the family, get rid of all the junk that you won’t need or use. Go through each room, and perhaps use the 1-year rule….if it hasn’t been used or worn throw it out! And a plus is if you’re looking to make money you can have yardsale. But make sure you don’t schedule it too close to moving day!

Pack In Advance

Many of us hate the thought of packing, it may not seem like the most enjoyable task but if you pack early enough you’ll have a good amount of time to get through everything. You can first pack out-of-season clothing and other household items that you know you won’t be needing right away. Packing really does take a lot longer than you may think so seriously get packing early. And if you can, get family and friends to help out too.

Protect Your Valuables

A great way to protect your small breakables like glassware, porcelain, and sentimental, delicate figurines is by packing them in clothing or towels. Not only will this save on bubble wrap but its a good way to save on packing space too. Killing two birds with one stone.

Label Everything

This may seem very obvious to a lot of people but sometimes labeling is an easy task to forget. There is nothing worse than moving into your beautiful new home with a million boxes and having absolutely no idea what goes where. Remember to be quite specific and list what’s inside each box or which room it belongs in.