Make A Contemporary Home Cozy Without Compromising Its Design

Published on 12/30/2020
Make A Contemporary Home Cozy Without Compromising Its Design

Make A Contemporary Home Cozy Without Compromising Its Design

Winter is the perfect time to switch things up and upgrade your home decor. For all those who prefer modern designs, it can seem difficult to make a room look and feel warm and inviting. However, having a contemporary design doesn’t mean that your home has to be cold. In fact, there are many ways to design a room that is both modern and cozy.

Embrace Darker Colors

While modern designs typically feature lighter colors, there is no reason not to incorporate some darkness into the room as well. You might be thinking dark colors don’t look as ‘clean’ as light ones, but that isn’t the case. According to expert interior designers, as long as you keep to a cohesive color palette in a room, it will look modern even with darker shades. Using colors like deep blues and rich woods will make a room feel warmer and more inviting than white and silver colors and the like.

Use More Pillows

If you don’t already have pillows in the room, purchase some throw pillows to add in. Placing them on couches or on the bed will make the room look cozier and more comforting. Of course, they should match the color palette you’ve decided on and be incorporated accordingly. Mix up the textiles as well – opt for different fabrics like faux fur and velvet to create a more interesting look.

Create Warmth With Lighting

It’s obvious why fairy and twinkle lights are such a popular choice for interior design. They make a room feel warm, cozy and inviting. Candles are just as effective for the same reason, only twinkle lights can be used all day without worry. If you don’t want candles or twinkle lights, you can opt for other lighting options that are more fitting to you. Think about your preferences: do you want warm or cool lighting? Maybe larger sources of light or small lamps to place on night tables? There are endless possibilities. Whatever you do, avoid one single overhead lighting that’s too harsh – this will only make the room feel colder.

Soften The Room With Velvet

If your budget allows it, think about purchasing a couch or bedspread made of velvet or a similar fabric. This will instantly add a warmer factor to the room’s design. Not to mention, it will add to the luxury factor as well. Plush velvet is never a bad idea. Instead of investing in a couch, you can always buy velvet pillows or throws instead.

Add A Rug Or Two

Hardwood and laminate flooring is great, but they can be cold under your feet in the winter months. The same thing goes for tile. Place a rug or two on the floor for a (literally) warmer look and feel to the room. In all honesty, a rug can be placed anywhere in the house, even in the bathroom or kitchen. Rugs are always a good idea.

Switch Up The Curtains

In the summer, you want to make a room feel cool and breezy, so it makes sense to put up sheer white curtains for that flowy, fresh look. In the winter, the opposite is true. Again, plush and soft fabrics are the way to go. Find darker curtains that work with your color palette.