How To Make Your Laundry Room Both Functional And Beautiful

Published on 01/14/2020
How To Make Your Laundry Room Both Functional And Beautiful

How To Make Your Laundry Room Both Functional And Beautiful

Doing laundry might just be one of our least-favorite chores to do. From lugging all the dirty clothes to the washing machine to hanging them up while they’re wet or transferring to the dryer, there’s no doubt that it’s a long and drawn-out process. While we can’t shorten the process, we can help make things easier for you in other ways. Organizing your laundry room well can make a world of difference the next time you have to wash a load. Don’t worry, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money and renovate the entire room or anything like that. We’ve rounded up some practical and helpful tips to rearrange and organize your laundry room and make the chore that much easier to do.

Vertical Storage Space

Make the most of the space you have above the washing machine for extra storage. Get a simple shelf installed (or if you’re handy, build one yourself to save some cash) and you’ll be able to use it for anything you want, freeing up space on the floor.

Open Cabintes

This is a great thing to have when you don’t feel like having to open and close cabinets doors each time you do a load of laundry. Again, these cabinets will give you extra space and room to organize everything.


One way to keep these open cabinets nice and tidy is by using baskets to keep them in order. You can find a variety of cheap baskets at stores like Target and Walmart. If you’re feeling a little extra, you can even label them!

Wall Hooks

Get yourself a set of hooks to hang on the wall of the laundry room. These will come in handy whenever you have a lone sock you have to find the pair to, or when you just want to hang up your bathing suit to dry.

Trash Can

This might seem rather obvious, but we wanted to include it all the same since it’s just that useful. Buy a small trash can to use for lint you want to throw away while doing laundry. It’ll save you those precious minutes when you would have had to go all the way to the kitchen to throw out the lint.
And there you have it! Using all or some of these tips will allow your laundry room to look so much more organized and put together, not to mention, make your life so much easier!