Newest Innovative Inventions

Published on 03/22/2020

Innovative living is important in keeping the world and our individual lives globalized and engaging our living ideals with forward-thinking. Being innovative is not only important for development reasons but equally as important for the environment and preserving our home. These innovative creations, buys, and gadgets will certainly give you some food for thought. Who knows maybe they will even inside a new innovative thought within you…

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Newest Innovative Inventions

Rechargeable USB Batteries

This innovative invention is a game-changer for our planet. Batteries are one thing that takes millions of years to biodegrade and something we rely on for many gadgets and items we use today. These rechargeable batteries plug right into your laptop and can be used time and time again, this is a money saver and planet saver too. This is something that should be used worldwide and quite honestly, should replace all one-use batteries.

Slides Besides Stairs

This may not be technological but it surely is innovative and fun! Placing slides beside stairs is such a fun way of making everyday travel and an every day use a little more interesting. You can never be too old to use a slide that one is for sure. Just be careful in the rain, we are not trying to get anyone hurt over here.

Heat/Cooling Energy Mug Coaster

These mug coasters are a truly smart invention. You simply place your hot or cold beverage on the coaster and it converts the energy through the device and charges your phone or whatever electronic that is plugged in. Innovative and creative as these will charge your device without any plug-in or actual electricity needed.

Pizza Vending Machine

So much yes! This vending machine bakes fresh pizza in 2-5 minutes. We are not sure about the quality but it is still cool and a great idea. Pizza on the go, a delicious snack and simply an idea for all foods for the future. Imagine having one of these at the office.