Top Home Magazines You Need To Subscribe To For Inspiration

Published on 06/27/2021

Nowadays, there is an abundance of home, garden, and interior decorating magazines to choose from, So many of them offer wonderful ideas and inspiration to help renovate or decorate your home. Keep reading to see which magazine will suit your inspiration needs.

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Top Home Magazines You Need To Subscribe To For Inspiration

Country Living

American lifestyle and home magazine, Country Living was first published back in 1978. This monthly magazine concentrates on food, DIY, home renovation, home decor, DIY, and lifestyle. Country Living has received several awards over the past several years, which explains why so many people all over the world love to read this excellent magazine. If you would like to catch a brief glimpse of what the magazine has to offer, head over to their social media accounts for some inspiration too.

Good Housekeeping

We know what you’re thinking, Good Housekeeping is not a magazine solely dedicated to home or garden designs. Yes, we understand your thoughts, however, let us explain further. Good Housekeeping is an American women’s magazine that features numerous different articles about various topics that are of interest to women. Some of which include, home ideas and product reviews (related to homes). You will also get some trusted expert advice. Overall, it is said to be one of the most trusted lifestyle publications in many countries in the world.

Elle Décor

Elle Décor has been one of America’s favorite home magazines for decades. It has also been considered as the leading authority on decoration and interior design. Readers get to enjoy gorgeous photography of the most beautiful properties from around across the globe, giving you even more inspiration than you could ever imagine. Elle Décor is also known to have modern, luxury ideas that can be deemed as the “hottest trends”. Ideas range from furniture design, space planning to interviews and shopping guides. With around 2 million monthly readers, getting inspiration has never been easier.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is a monthly magazine that was founded back in 1920. It usually focuses on the homes of “the rich and famous”, and is often a great resource for many professional designers and homeowners with a serious knack for architectural design. A lot of the content in the magazine is related to interior design and landscaping. Additionally, this vibrant magazine has many state-of-the-art ideas. Architectural Digest also explores other themes such as travel, culture, and shopping so you never have to worry about being left out from all the latest trends.

Homes & Gardens

Homes & Gardens is a British monthly interior and garden design magazine that was published back in 1919. The magazine is based in London and is famous for being the UK’s first-ever home interest magazine. Homes & Gardens has been shaping British style for 100 years. Their monthly magazine offers some of the most beautiful and inspirational interiors, stylish decorating, beautiful gardens, and highly engaging stories. In addition to that, each edition offers stunning houses, seasonal ideas, sought-after products, designer sources, and expert tips and tricks. However, if you’re looking for inspiration that is available from a click of a button, be sure to visit their amazing website. You will get a great idea of some beautiful online content as well as the latest news and some moments from behind the scenes.