Brighten Up Your Home With These Expert Tips

Published on 07/19/2020
Brighten Up Your Home With These Expert Tips

Brighten Up Your Home With These Expert Tips

As much as we’d like to hope so, it isn’t always a given to have bright lighting in each room in the house. In fact, it’s more likely that your home won’t get all that much light in some rooms. However, don’t despair! Even if there aren’t many windows in a room, or it’s simply dark, there are ways to brighten it up. Not to mention, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to do so, either. So, how can you brighten up a room without remodeling your home?

Use Mirrors

Hanging mirrors in the right places can make a huge difference in a room. Aside from giving the illusion of more space, mirrors also bounce light around a room which will increase the natural lighting in the room. Hang mirrors directly across windows for the best results. If you want to be even more over the top, hang two mirrors across the room from each other. If the room happens to have two windows, hang a mirror in between them to act as a makeshift third window.

Decorate With Light Tones

Dark, heavy furniture will make a room look even darker than it is. Of course, dark paint will have the same effect as well. Instead, opt for white or other light colors when you pick out the paint color for the room and the furniture pieces you’re going to use. Think white rugs, bookcases, and even white tables.

Opt For Open Shelves

Instead of cabinets, use open shelves. Cabinets tend to add heavy visual weight to a room and make it appear darker. Go with open cabinetry to allow the light to flow freely through the shelves. Just keep in mind that this can lead to your dishes getting dusty more quickly, so it’s ideal for those who use and wash them often.

Use Matte Paint

Paint comes in so many different finishes, it can be difficult choosing the right one. Well, if you want to make a room look brighter, always go with a matte finish. A shiny finish often absorbs sunlight and doesn’t spread it anywhere. On the other hand, matte paint reflects light in all directions.

Avoid Too Many Prints On The Walls

Having some artwork or photographs on the walls is a good thing but to an extent. Having too many prints up in a room can make the room actually darker. Posters and paintings tend to absorb whatever sunlight the room might be getting. Try and go for a minimalistic look in a room you want to brighten up.

Get Sheer White Curtains

Instead of thick curtains, get some sheer white curtains. While doing the job, they will still allow some light into the room and make it look brighter overall.

Light Sources

Don’t settle for just one light source in the room. Use multiple light sources to make sure it will be well-lit at any given time. Start with one primary light source like overhead lighting. Then, move on and mix in secondary sources like accent lamps or task lighting. Aside from that, try to use white LED bulbs instead of yellow for the ultimate bright look.